Introducing Morning Do


For as long as I can remember I’ve seized the early hours of the day, utilizing mornings to focus on myself before the outside world comes knocking. I wake early enough to give myself time for what matters most to me, because once I check in with the rest of the world I’m at its mercy. The more I chat with others about how they start their day, the more I realize there’s a lot to learn by sharing our morning routines and exploring why we do the things we do.

A lot of people find the morning to be their most productive time, whether that means knocking items off a to-do list, building knowledge by reading, or improving well-being through exercise or meditation. Most of us have a core morning routine, even if some pieces come and go from day to day. Within that regimen is a story that unfolds, shedding light on what’s important to that person and giving us a glimpse of who they truly are.

Morning Do is a project aimed at exploring morning routines, going beyond the high-level questions and diving deep into the how and why. In reading the morning routines to come, I hope you’ll find inspiration, learn new tactics, try new things and, best of all, share your morning routine with the Morning Do community. Publishing others’ routines is just the beginning of the Morning Do roadmap. I’m excited to get this started and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

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Chris Fohlin

Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA